Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Finds

The last few weeks have been a slow time for me at the thrifts. I've been thrifting but I haven't found very much that spoke to me. I finally set up at the local flea market and got some stuff out of my house so I can work on revamping my front room. I am seriously considering mid century modern decor. My problem is in my area it is pretty slim (and the few things I've found are way out of my price point). I did manage to find a few keepers this week though.

I found this Contempo Frost pot at the GW for $3.03. I really like the clean simple lines it has.
 I bought this cute little bookcase from my favorite junk store for $5.00. The owner is amazing and comes across some really neat things. I overheard her talking about selling the other day and it really worries me. She has been telling me times are tough and I fear my place may be closing soon. I have been a big shopper at her store since I got married 18 years ago. I can literally stand in any room in my house and find 10 things I bought from her store. The light colored chair below came from her shop as well and it was half price of the original $5.99 price.

I am in love with this cute little bookcase. It needs to be cleaned up and shined with some Howards but I will get to that soon.
I bought the lamps and the black chair at 2 different GWs. The lamps were $17.97 for the pair but I fell in love with them. The chair cost me $5.95. I just need to find the perfect shades for the lamps. I really like the color and texture the lamps have.

I am joining Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday

Wow it's been a busy time around my house lately. I was at the beach for a week and then when I came home I had to get a new laptop and digital camera (my old one got swept away with the tides). This update actually has things I have gotten the last several weeks. I will try to get back to weekly updates now that I have a new laptop.

If you follow my blog you know I love my Pyrex. I picked up these pieces over the last several weeks.

Snowflake divided dish. Found at GW

1/2 of the Twin Server Set -- found at a thrift store at the beach

From my mama -- Desert Dawn Loaf

Fridgies -- lidded set found at SA. Single yellow fridgie from GW

Another Pyrex gift from my mama
I went to an Estate Sale two Fridays and get several very cool mid century pieces. The bookcase is actually two pieces of a mix and match credenza set. The family was selling each piece individually and the base seperate. I didn't have room for the base but I really wanted it and several of the other pieces but I settled for this combo.

I am still toying with what I want to display in it.

Tamara Aladin vase for Riihimaki Lasi

Ericofon -- LOVE this
The best find of the last several weeks is a very recent and much longed for thrift search. I am always looking for pieces of Le Creuset when I go to the thrifts and estate sales. I've never actually seen any that was in my price range, until now. I found these 3 pieces at the GW down from my office. I was THRILLED. They do need to be cleaned and the tape residue (gotta love them) removed. I ideally would have liked a different color but I'm still happy with them.

$16.06 for all 3

Zodiac Globe from GW
Thrifted from the best place on Earth -- my mom's house. I recently started buying vintage umbrellas and FINALLY talked my mother into giving me this fabulous umbrella stand. She's had it for years and I've been begging for it almost as long.
This last set was purchased at a local flea market from a vendor who is getting out of the antique business and sets up there every weekend until he unloads his house.
My oldest (and myself) are HUGE Supernatural fans so when I saw this emblem for an Impala it was a no brainer.
Small porcelain sign.
I'm joining the party at Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday (a day late).