Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Finds

The last few weeks have been a slow time for me at the thrifts. I've been thrifting but I haven't found very much that spoke to me. I finally set up at the local flea market and got some stuff out of my house so I can work on revamping my front room. I am seriously considering mid century modern decor. My problem is in my area it is pretty slim (and the few things I've found are way out of my price point). I did manage to find a few keepers this week though.

I found this Contempo Frost pot at the GW for $3.03. I really like the clean simple lines it has.
 I bought this cute little bookcase from my favorite junk store for $5.00. The owner is amazing and comes across some really neat things. I overheard her talking about selling the other day and it really worries me. She has been telling me times are tough and I fear my place may be closing soon. I have been a big shopper at her store since I got married 18 years ago. I can literally stand in any room in my house and find 10 things I bought from her store. The light colored chair below came from her shop as well and it was half price of the original $5.99 price.

I am in love with this cute little bookcase. It needs to be cleaned up and shined with some Howards but I will get to that soon.
I bought the lamps and the black chair at 2 different GWs. The lamps were $17.97 for the pair but I fell in love with them. The chair cost me $5.95. I just need to find the perfect shades for the lamps. I really like the color and texture the lamps have.

I am joining Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures.


  1. Some very cool retro finds. I do think that bookcase is wonderful!

  2. That's a very nice coffee pot, lovely shape...I think it's funny that it cost you $3 and 3c..where did they get the 3c from?

  3. They mark all of their wares that way to avoid people changing the price... $1.01, $2.02, etc... Kind of crazy pricing system but that's the way they do it around here.

  4. I have that EXACT SAME bookcase! I'm looking at it right now...right across from me in my office! I really liked the angled shelving on it, and for its size it really holds a lot. Nice find!!

  5. Can you hear me yellin !? I love those lamps and the earth tone colors!

  6. Sorry I just saw your comments. Thank you so much.