Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I have been so busy with work and the kids going back to school I haven't really had time to do much thrifting. It has also been extremely hot in Middle Georgia so I haven't hit any outdoor yard sales or flea markets. I still managed to find a few things lately that I really like.

I did manage to find a few nice Pyrex pieces.

Blue Horizon -- $3.03 at Goodwill

Very nice Town & Country Cinderella set -- $9.89 at Goodwill

I've never owned any of the English Pyrex so I was pleased to find these 2 casserole sets at the Salvation Army. $2.99 & $3.99

I have really been on the hunt for some nice mid century items for a potential redesign of my living space. It is not very common (and good pieces in good shape are even less so) in my area but I did manage to find a few things this week I really liked.
Gense (Switzerland) salt & pepper set. I love these shakers. They were $.88 at the GW.

This little bookcase needs some work (I am going to remove the back piece that has the holes cut out or cover it with some great vintage fabric I have). I plan to use it for more Pyrex storage. $14.99 at Salvation Army -- I know it was a little high but it was speaking to me.
 Once again I found a really cool thermos. I have quite a growing collection of these great metal thermoses.

And finally the best pieces I have found in a very long time. I am always on the lookout for vintage dishes. I currently have a set of Franciscan Pickwick but the fruit gets old after a while. I usually hit the Salvation Army on Tuesdays but I wasn't able to get by there until Wednesday this week. Boy was I surprised to find these great dishes still there with a date sticker for Saturday. They were individually priced between $.99 and $1.69 but there is a service for 4 with an extra cup and saucer and oval serving platter. I think this pattern is Pink Fancy (Caribe Casuals -- I believe this was a Sebring line) and it was first introduced in the 1950's. My dishes are absolutely pristine and look like they were never used. Does anyone have any information on these. I saw a few on Ebay but they all seemed to be using the same source for information. I would love to find a service for 8. My family is only the 4 of us but we can't use them if we have company. 

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Finds

The last few weeks have been a slow time for me at the thrifts. I've been thrifting but I haven't found very much that spoke to me. I finally set up at the local flea market and got some stuff out of my house so I can work on revamping my front room. I am seriously considering mid century modern decor. My problem is in my area it is pretty slim (and the few things I've found are way out of my price point). I did manage to find a few keepers this week though.

I found this Contempo Frost pot at the GW for $3.03. I really like the clean simple lines it has.
 I bought this cute little bookcase from my favorite junk store for $5.00. The owner is amazing and comes across some really neat things. I overheard her talking about selling the other day and it really worries me. She has been telling me times are tough and I fear my place may be closing soon. I have been a big shopper at her store since I got married 18 years ago. I can literally stand in any room in my house and find 10 things I bought from her store. The light colored chair below came from her shop as well and it was half price of the original $5.99 price.

I am in love with this cute little bookcase. It needs to be cleaned up and shined with some Howards but I will get to that soon.
I bought the lamps and the black chair at 2 different GWs. The lamps were $17.97 for the pair but I fell in love with them. The chair cost me $5.95. I just need to find the perfect shades for the lamps. I really like the color and texture the lamps have.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday

Wow it's been a busy time around my house lately. I was at the beach for a week and then when I came home I had to get a new laptop and digital camera (my old one got swept away with the tides). This update actually has things I have gotten the last several weeks. I will try to get back to weekly updates now that I have a new laptop.

If you follow my blog you know I love my Pyrex. I picked up these pieces over the last several weeks.

Snowflake divided dish. Found at GW

1/2 of the Twin Server Set -- found at a thrift store at the beach

From my mama -- Desert Dawn Loaf

Fridgies -- lidded set found at SA. Single yellow fridgie from GW

Another Pyrex gift from my mama
I went to an Estate Sale two Fridays and get several very cool mid century pieces. The bookcase is actually two pieces of a mix and match credenza set. The family was selling each piece individually and the base seperate. I didn't have room for the base but I really wanted it and several of the other pieces but I settled for this combo.

I am still toying with what I want to display in it.

Tamara Aladin vase for Riihimaki Lasi

Ericofon -- LOVE this
The best find of the last several weeks is a very recent and much longed for thrift search. I am always looking for pieces of Le Creuset when I go to the thrifts and estate sales. I've never actually seen any that was in my price range, until now. I found these 3 pieces at the GW down from my office. I was THRILLED. They do need to be cleaned and the tape residue (gotta love them) removed. I ideally would have liked a different color but I'm still happy with them.

$16.06 for all 3

Zodiac Globe from GW
Thrifted from the best place on Earth -- my mom's house. I recently started buying vintage umbrellas and FINALLY talked my mother into giving me this fabulous umbrella stand. She's had it for years and I've been begging for it almost as long.
This last set was purchased at a local flea market from a vendor who is getting out of the antique business and sets up there every weekend until he unloads his house.
My oldest (and myself) are HUGE Supernatural fans so when I saw this emblem for an Impala it was a no brainer.
Small porcelain sign.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

My local Goodwill has gone a little crazy lately. Their prices have gotten slighly out of control. They love to print out the page for vintage china or an Ebay listing for an unsold overpriced item and place it with their overpriced goods. Even with these issues I still love my Goodwill. There is always something to make me smile and some amazing deals if you know how to look.

BUT sometimes I have to scratch my head and ask "What were they thinking?" See Exhibit A, B, and C below.

EXHIBIT A: Awesome vintage pillows -- I have actually been looking for some of these. The price was $4.94 a piece but that isn't the criminal act.

EXHIBIT B: THIS SHOULD BE A CRIME -- not just 1 or 2 plastic tags through fragile vintage textiles but 5 -- What were they thinking?

 The first time wasn't bad enough so they repeated the crime with the second pillow as well.

And since I was already in there I took a picture of the storage shelves my dear hubby set up in my craft room for me. We thought they would hold so much but they are already full. The 2nd shelf holds all the vintage labware I mentioned in my previous post.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Estate Sale Heaven

First I would like to start off by apologising for my lack of updates and the loooong post you are about to see. I have purchased a lot of really cool stuff lately but I won't bore you with all of it. I will just show the hilights from this week.

I went to the best estate sale this Friday. I didn't have to open so I was able to hit it first thing in the morning. It advertised vintage and craft items. I am a total craft addict but I don't always do anything with the stuff. I have not photographed all of it but I did get lots of crafty things including: knitting needles for my mom (all vintage), vintage WISS & Gingher scissors, tons and tons of vintage wrapping paper.

Here's what I did take pictures of:

Early Americana Pyrex MINT in original box. Absolutely no wear whatsoever -- A little pricey at $25 but I've never had any MIB.

Pink Flamingo Pyrex - This set is mint almost unused. Do you think it came as a set together? -- $10

Spring Blossom - $3
Non Pyrex Items:
 This is my absolutely favorite find of the entire sale and I didn't even realize it until I got home. I found this tucked away in a drawer with some knitting needles. It is a handpainted surprise ball from the 1950s. It is made from crepe paper that would peel away to reveal small toys and trinkets. It was made by Charles Gregor of New Orleans. So cool!!! I listed it on EBAY already.

 Cool Johann Gunter hand carved mushroom candle.

 Various Christmas items. This is a small sample. There is also a life size Santa poster I need to give some love to.

 Madonna statue and planter for my mom.

 Pipe racks and pipes.

 Accordian style sewing basket -- again for my mom.

 Skotch Kooler 4 gallon. So cool and retro. Made of metal. I have a thermos addiction and this was in the shed with all of the thermos containers below.

I bought these great Stavangerflint by Kari Nyquist mugs earlier this week at the Salvation Army.
This metal Doctors office shelf (pictured without the 2 glass shelves) was purchased two weeks ago at a yard sale for a steal at $35. I have sanded it in preparation for painting but I can't decide on a color yet. I bought a whole tote full of vintage Pyrex and Kromax labware at the same sale for $5.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Find of the Century

I didn't really have a great thrifty week but I did manage to find a few good things and two fabulous finds at the flea market.

My thrift finds this week included books, Pyrex, vintage glassware, and a great thermos.

Found this great thermos at my favorite thrift store. Under the plastic lid it just has a cork cover.
At the same store I got this great 1926 edition of the Library of Health. Check out some of these great color charts.

At various Goodwills I got this cool Culver set and the 3 different yellow McCoy vases.

Culver set. I love the Scotch bottle.

I went to the local Flea Market and for the most part it was a bust but I did find this great Green Pyrex bowl and what I definitely consider the find of my life so far.
This is a more vibrant green than the pictures reflect. It does have some scratching but I didn't have this one so I paid $8 even though I tried to get her to come down some.

These  napkin rings from the 1880s were a fabulous find. They were stuck in the middle of a bunch of old clothes and the lady claimed they were just old pewter. I was a little familiar with the mark under one of them and gladly paid her extremely low (I'm almost ashamed of how low the price I paid was). I didn't realize how rare they were until I got home and did more research. I consulted a figural napkin ring dealer/collector/book writer and she said they definitely appeared to be good. I was thrilled. These are selling for astronomical prices online and in auctions according to the research I've done. They have a heavy patina (i.e. tarnish) but I probably won't touch it. I'm not sure if I will keep them but I will definitely be enjoying them for a while before I decide whether or not to sell them.

This is a James W. Tufts of Boston silverplate napkin ring depicting 2 Greenaway children.

Greenaway Baseball Boy silverplate napkin ring.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Story of a Lamp

This is the story of a lamp. A very pretty little lamp: it is black and shiny and kind of curvy. It is just the right size. Not too big, not too small, it is just RIGHT. The quest for such a lamp began many years ago.  On Tuesday the search hit rough and turbulent seas. The LAMP was found, not on the high seas, but on a simple table at the Salvation Army. “Oh my!” she said as she spotted the lamp. Upon further looking she realized the lamp had the original box. “Wow!” she thought, “This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I wonder how much it is” She looked and looked but no price could be found.

The pretty little lamp went into the buggy with the rather fabulous Anchor Hocking Vegetable Freshener and other odds and ends. When it was time to check out the Grinch at the register took one look at the box and tossed it behind him on the counter and said “I can’t sell you this lamp because it has not been priced.” She looked in horror as the lamp slowly sunk under the waves. “Please, please kind sir” she thought. But aloud she said “Why can’t you sell it? I found it on a table on the floor.” He “kindly” explained (practically accused her of removing the sticker) store policy to the unhappy shopper. While she understood the policy, and the reason behind it, she was still very sad. “Could you ask someone to price it for me? I’ll wait.” The Grinch said “NO. I am on my way to lunch. They will have it on the floor later” he returned as he tossed around the previously mentioned vegetable freshener like it was plastic.
The frown on her face as she left the store was rather pronounced. She went back to work and thought about the lamp and thought about the lamp as she processed all the new books. Finally, at quitting time she sailed into the SA again and looked all around but to no avail, the lamp was not there. As she approached the register she saw the much, much nicer Fairy at the register. She asked the fairy if the lamp had been sold or sent to the back. The nice fairy said, “Oh, are you talking about this lamp here?” The much coveted lamp was still in the box on the counter near the register. YES!!! Alas, it still was not priced. The nice fairy (who apparently had already had her lunch break) called the Mother Ship in the back and got a price for the pretty, shiny lamp.

The lamp is just the right size and has just the right amount of shine to sit proudly on my jewelry table. Finally, the quest is over. A new journey must begin now for the elusive industrial table to go with the lamp.