Saturday, May 28, 2011

Story of a Lamp

This is the story of a lamp. A very pretty little lamp: it is black and shiny and kind of curvy. It is just the right size. Not too big, not too small, it is just RIGHT. The quest for such a lamp began many years ago.  On Tuesday the search hit rough and turbulent seas. The LAMP was found, not on the high seas, but on a simple table at the Salvation Army. “Oh my!” she said as she spotted the lamp. Upon further looking she realized the lamp had the original box. “Wow!” she thought, “This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I wonder how much it is” She looked and looked but no price could be found.

The pretty little lamp went into the buggy with the rather fabulous Anchor Hocking Vegetable Freshener and other odds and ends. When it was time to check out the Grinch at the register took one look at the box and tossed it behind him on the counter and said “I can’t sell you this lamp because it has not been priced.” She looked in horror as the lamp slowly sunk under the waves. “Please, please kind sir” she thought. But aloud she said “Why can’t you sell it? I found it on a table on the floor.” He “kindly” explained (practically accused her of removing the sticker) store policy to the unhappy shopper. While she understood the policy, and the reason behind it, she was still very sad. “Could you ask someone to price it for me? I’ll wait.” The Grinch said “NO. I am on my way to lunch. They will have it on the floor later” he returned as he tossed around the previously mentioned vegetable freshener like it was plastic.
The frown on her face as she left the store was rather pronounced. She went back to work and thought about the lamp and thought about the lamp as she processed all the new books. Finally, at quitting time she sailed into the SA again and looked all around but to no avail, the lamp was not there. As she approached the register she saw the much, much nicer Fairy at the register. She asked the fairy if the lamp had been sold or sent to the back. The nice fairy said, “Oh, are you talking about this lamp here?” The much coveted lamp was still in the box on the counter near the register. YES!!! Alas, it still was not priced. The nice fairy (who apparently had already had her lunch break) called the Mother Ship in the back and got a price for the pretty, shiny lamp.

The lamp is just the right size and has just the right amount of shine to sit proudly on my jewelry table. Finally, the quest is over. A new journey must begin now for the elusive industrial table to go with the lamp.

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