Monday, May 16, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

Last Friday I followed a sign to an estate/garage sale. When I walked through the door the lady running the sale asked me if I collected Christmas or crafted. I was torn but Christmas won out in the end first. I did still manage to find a lot of crafting stuff too but I missed out on some great wood beads (many of them hand painted). A lady and her little girl bought the whole box. The little girl was so cute and she kept telling everyone she was going to make "necklashes". I love to see the next generation at thrifts and sales.

This sale was run by a woman in her 60s who was selling her still living 90 year old mother's stuff. I always like hearing the story of the person behind the items. I must say this lady was my type of woman. Great mini ornaments, metal reflectors, and a boxed bottle brush tree. The jingle bells made my day. Cards and cards of them. I still have bags to go through before I store them  away.

The globes on top were not part of this sale. My mom let me go browsing in her house and I got quite a few things. Including this fabulous Pyrex Daisy divided casserole. My mom has the best eye and she's always looking out for great stuff for me and my sisters.

My niece and I made a girl with some of the crafts that I will post as soon as I can figure out how to upload it from my iPhone. I'll probably have to get the boy (11) to help me.

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