Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I have been so busy with work and the kids going back to school I haven't really had time to do much thrifting. It has also been extremely hot in Middle Georgia so I haven't hit any outdoor yard sales or flea markets. I still managed to find a few things lately that I really like.

I did manage to find a few nice Pyrex pieces.

Blue Horizon -- $3.03 at Goodwill

Very nice Town & Country Cinderella set -- $9.89 at Goodwill

I've never owned any of the English Pyrex so I was pleased to find these 2 casserole sets at the Salvation Army. $2.99 & $3.99

I have really been on the hunt for some nice mid century items for a potential redesign of my living space. It is not very common (and good pieces in good shape are even less so) in my area but I did manage to find a few things this week I really liked.
Gense (Switzerland) salt & pepper set. I love these shakers. They were $.88 at the GW.

This little bookcase needs some work (I am going to remove the back piece that has the holes cut out or cover it with some great vintage fabric I have). I plan to use it for more Pyrex storage. $14.99 at Salvation Army -- I know it was a little high but it was speaking to me.
 Once again I found a really cool thermos. I have quite a growing collection of these great metal thermoses.

And finally the best pieces I have found in a very long time. I am always on the lookout for vintage dishes. I currently have a set of Franciscan Pickwick but the fruit gets old after a while. I usually hit the Salvation Army on Tuesdays but I wasn't able to get by there until Wednesday this week. Boy was I surprised to find these great dishes still there with a date sticker for Saturday. They were individually priced between $.99 and $1.69 but there is a service for 4 with an extra cup and saucer and oval serving platter. I think this pattern is Pink Fancy (Caribe Casuals -- I believe this was a Sebring line) and it was first introduced in the 1950's. My dishes are absolutely pristine and look like they were never used. Does anyone have any information on these. I saw a few on Ebay but they all seemed to be using the same source for information. I would love to find a service for 8. My family is only the 4 of us but we can't use them if we have company. 

I joined the party at Her Library Adventures this week.

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  1. Love Blue Horizon. Well done! It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores if you just go often enough.